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Experience 5 Museums Around The World That Will Make You Think

I’m gonna be the first to admit, that museums are not the first thing on my list when visiting a new place. For me, museums are sometimes a good alternative to exploring the streets, especially when the weather is horrible. However, I did visit some museums around the world and they sparked my interest completely.

The Sighet Memorial

This is a harsh one to digest. Also known as The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance, it is set in a prison and the stories are simply terrifying.

Sighetu Marmatiei | Romania

The prison was meant for political prisoners who were captured and sentenced with no trial to unimaginable kinds of punishments. Each cell was transformed having different themes in mind and they all come together to describe the terror of the totalitarian system in Romania. I had goosebumps the whole time, however, it is part of my country’s history and I wish everyone would visit these types of museums. For sure will make an impact on you.

Pro tip: if you don't understand Romanian, make sure to ask for English transcripts of all the information provided inside the museum. 

Museum of Tomorrow

This is the only museum I visited in Brazil.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The only one grabbing my interest, starting with the name. If in general museums show you how things once were, this museum is all about what is waiting for us in the future. And let me tell you, every single part of it is fascinating. And not gonna lie, some parts are scary or straight-up depressing, but it is a well-thought interactive museum where you can easily spend half a day.

Museum of Moving Images

I haven’t visited a lot of museums in NYC because…well, I actually don’t know why.

New York City, USA

But this one is one impressive one, for any cinephile out there. You get to see parts of movie history, from original scripts to original costumes, from the exposition of how technology improved, to mini sets and much, much more.

Pro tip: Free admission to the galleries every Friday evening from 4:00–8:00 p.m.

Museum of Dockland

It’s been quite a few years since I visited this museum (or London in general) and I still remember what a huge impression made on me. I think this might have been the moment when I decided to give museums around the world a chance.

London, UK

I thought is all going to be about trade, sailors and docks. However, they have a permanent gallery names London, Sugar and Slavery. And for me it was, most likely, the first time ever reading about slavery in a museum. And I also need to say, some of the things I read there were news to me. Which is probably sad or disturbing. And once again, I wish more people would visit this museum.

Pro tip: Like the majority of the museums in London, this one as well as a free entrance. However, depending on the time of the day, you might need to queue. 

Museum of Man

Well, I was kinda tricked into visiting this museum because they had a gallery about cannibals.

San Diego, USA

I went through the entire museum which actually has galleries of all kinds from beerology to Maya, from race to ancient Egypt. And it is interactive, which I love. So the whole museum was pretty awesome. But I was kinda disappointed in the cannibalism section. I am just gonna say it is not what you will imagine. Probably the same as how people feel when they learn about the real Dracula in Romania. Hahaha.

I actually have a vlog from when I was there. Yeah, that’s right.. once upon a time, I vlogged my travels. Enjoy!

Have you been to any museum that made a huge impact on you? Or do you have any suggestions for me to explore museums around the world? Drop the info in the comments below.

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