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The Journey Of 35

Tomorrow I’ll be 36, but before the hello to the new number, I have to say goodbye to a highly challenging 35. I used to travel or do something special for my birthday for years. But then 2020 came, and being alive seemed like enough celebration. On top of that, I spent my last year’s […]

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I Was Lucky

It´s September 2014. I woke up hangover and saw myself in the mirror a flashback hits me harder than a punch in the face. The biting marks on my neck remind me of the night before. It all started with a party. I was in a bar with colleagues from work. One of them was

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Your Five-Minute Girl

All words, all scars I’m just a few clicks away. Your sober mind doesn’t know me but I am the first one you think of whenever you are drunk, bored, or hurt. I am your forever available fixer. I have delicious boobs and a hot ass. I’m witty and smart, beautiful and silly. I am

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