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Join Alina on a journey to discover, experience and understand the world. Through stories about travels and challenges, she inspires you to get outside of your comfort zone and start following your dreams. Travelling Inside Out, the podcast exploring the world within and out.
  • Alina and Andra explore their relationships with food. They reminisce about the first meals they ever cooked, the school lunches they brought (without a cafeteria), and how these early experiences shaped their eating habits and preferences. They discuss how their relationship with food has evolved over time and who among them enjoys cooking. This conversation […]
  • This time, Andra delves into the final leg of her journey, focusing on her experiences in Vietnam as the group tour wraps up. They also touch on Andra's brief but interesting stopover in Malaysia on her way back to Romania. Listen for detailed accounts of Andra's adventures and reflections on her travels through Vietnam and […]
  • Get ready for a virtual adventure to Cambodia, with a short stop in Thailand! Alina welcomes back Andra to discuss her recent group tour experience in this fascinating Southeast Asian nation. The episode delves into the itinerary, exploring iconic landmarks like Angkor Wat alongside lesser-known treasures. We unpack the benefits and potential drawbacks of group […]
  • Curious about the impact of therapy? Join me for a special live episode to celebrate International Happiness Day and my birthday! We'll be diving deep into my 4-month therapy journey, sharing takeaways on anxiety, triggers unlearning some behaviours that don't serve me, and answering your questions live. Check the playlist with Inner Work. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/55gVBZSgukB2g58SgvQg5b?si=c9fec70867ac4e42 Sharing […]
  • Alina and Andra delve into the details of Andra's upcoming 10-day trip to Cambodia. From the meticulous preparations to booking a group tour for the first time and revisiting Vietnam and Thailand, Andra shares the excitement building up to her adventure. The duo also presents their monthly recommendations—a captivating book and a noteworthy YouTube channel. […]

What Our Listeners Say

I listened to the podcast about travelling South America! It was really really helpful and insightful about the expectations vs reality. I’m going with my partner but felt really inspired by Alina’s solo travel!.​

The Itchy Traveller UK

I really liked this episode. You set the record straight. I’m at work as I type. My boss on the other side of the desk. Grinding… but I’m saving for travels. Thank you 🙏🏾

Pfano RathogwaSouth Africa

I wasn’t even upset that I was stuck in traffic. Actually, let people pass because I was like ‘hey! this is good, I’ve got about an hour.’ I like Alina’s laugh. Something about it is quite endearing.

Mo PathanCanada


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