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Join Alina on a journey to discover, experience and understand the world. Through stories about travels and challenges, she inspires you to get outside of your comfort zone and start following your dreams. Travelling Inside Out, the podcast exploring the world within and out.
  • As season 5 of "Travelling Inside Out" draws to a close, host Alina engages in a soul-stirring conversation with her friend Andra. Revealing the transformative potential of these ancient practices in modern life, Andra shares her story of breaking free from the confines of a corporate job and embarking on a soul-searching adventure to Nepal. […]
  • Alina shares her experience of getting her first NY ID. Discover the essential steps, insider strategies, and crucial documents needed to successfully navigate the New York identification landscape. She covers everything you need to know about the process, including the required documents, and the wait time. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who is […]
  • In this heartwarming episode, your host Alina sits down with her dear friend Andra, as they embark on a nostalgic journey through the depths of their nearly 15-year friendship. Join them as they reminisce about how it all began – a chance encounter at a local TV station in Romania where their paths first crossed. […]
  • If you're planning to travel to Baltimore, Maryland, this episode offers valuable insights and travel tips. Follow Alina's footsteps as she uncovers the history and literary heritage of Baltimore, explores the city on foot and through convenient transportation options, and immerses herself in the charm of the inner harbor. Whether you're a fan of Poe, […]
  • With raw authenticity and insightful anecdotes, Alina delves into the highs and lows of her experience, offering a compelling glimpse into the world of New York City. From the exhilarating access to a plethora of events and cultural opportunities to the challenges of navigating the urban landscape and coping with the crime rate, she provides […]

What Our Listeners Say

I listened to the podcast about travelling South America! It was really really helpful and insightful about the expectations vs reality. I’m going with my partner but felt really inspired by Alina’s solo travel!.​

The Itchy Traveller UK

I really liked this episode. You set the record straight. I’m at work as I type. My boss on the other side of the desk. Grinding… but I’m saving for travels. Thank you 🙏🏾

Pfano RathogwaSouth Africa

I wasn’t even upset that I was stuck in traffic. Actually, let people pass because I was like ‘hey! this is good, I’ve got about an hour.’ I like Alina’s laugh. Something about it is quite endearing.

Mo PathanCanada


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