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My Story

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Outer Journey

Born and raised in Transylvania, Alina is based in Reykjavík, Iceland. She has an undergrad degree in Communication – Journalism and a master’s in Film – New Media. Alina always felt passionate about storytelling, especially essays, travel articles and other fiction writings. At heart, she always knew she is a multipotentialite.

Her fascination with storytelling brought the film industry into her life; from American and Romanian TV show productions or other Icelandic productions to working for multiple international film festivals. She has over ten years of experience in subtitling and translation, while also joining film festival teams in other roles; Guest Manager, Location Manager and Print Traffic Coordinator. You can see Alina’s full resume here.

The travel bug caught her from a young age. However, only when she started travelling abroad by herself she understood the importance of learning and understanding other cultures. She travelled to thirty countries so far (repeating a few of them). In 2018, self-supported a solo backpacking trip to South America for eight months. Alina lived in five distinct countries, as a fish factory worker, exchange student and volunteer; and currently, she is planning to move to the US.

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Inner Work

When you are an introvert, there is a whole world inside that captivates you. Even though I have moments of extroversion, I’ve always loved exploring the world within. I am a young traveller who takes every adventure as a miracle, but it will never resume only to outer journeys.

My focus is on understanding why I do the things I do; how I make decisions in my life and why some things anger me the most. And then talk about them. I believe we need to explore the world to stop having a prejudice against the unknown. But at the same time, it’s important to do the inner work to acknowledge our triggers, stop generational trauma and address the most important issues.

Environmental problems, racial and gender biases and other sorts of discrimination are all brought about by the lack of inner work. I recently decided to use social media less and less because I see it mostly used as a weapon for rage and fakeness. It’s easy to blame others for things that don’t work but it takes a lot of strength to start the change from within.

Be Inspired!

Every person you ever encountered has a story to tell. And so do you! If you want to share your challenges, failures and lessons learned in life you can join the Travelling Inside Out community here. Or you can simply listen to the podcast that explores the world within and out. Let the stories inspire you to get outside of your comfort zone and stay true to yourself.

Speaking of stories, you might enjoy reading some of the travel journals where I share pictures and valuable advice from my trips. Or maybe you prefer the fiction works, my flirting with the power of the word.

Interested in getting unique postcards? Alina’s Wonders Shop is open. And more surprises will follow.