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I’m just hating but I’m not bleeding, it’s just me… alone trying to escape from myself, but you are hunting my soul. My future is your past so why should I live? My tears are your blood so why should I cry? My sunset is your sunshine so why should I? You’re just a stupid […]

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The moon seems smaller when you look at it through your window. You can’t see the whole sky, the stars and the rest of the Universe. You can’t touch the trees, you can’t feel the fresh air, you can’t step on the ticklish sand and you can not hear the waves bursting into rocks. It

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One day Little Raindrop asked Mother Nature why are they always crying. She wasn’t feeling sad all the time, but she was constantly crying. Mother Nature explained to the little Raindrop that her tears are helping others to grow. And like this Little Raindrop would forever smile while weeping. Originally published on August 7th, 2014

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Would You?

Would you breathe if I told you that’s the last thing you’ll do?Would you sleep if I told you during the night you are the most vulnerable? How many times would you laugh every day, if no one heard you? How many times would you cry, if no one cared? Would you be honest, if

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Fears to overcome and challenges to forgetand maybe her hug as one massive threat.They all told me is wrong to look in both waysthinking, like always, this is all just a phase. „Well it’s not just a phase and it’s not just a stageit’s all that there is” I’m saying in rage,but there’s no one

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The World Right Now

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, I hear someone saying around me. There’s a lot going on inside me too, someone else replies. Historically speaking there has always been a lot going on. We just didn’t care enough or we got distracted with things that in the end don’t matter. Things

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Perfect Communication

– I just felt like saying something.– OK, what is it?– I don’t know how to say it.– Then how about not saying it at all?– I can’t do that, either.– Then just say it!– Stop pushing me… it’s not helping.– I can not wait forever for some words to come out of your mouth.–

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What If?

What if it wasn’t NYC?I’m simply incapable of love. What if I’m not hurt?I’m just too broken to fix. What if it wasn’t Iceland?I’m really that depressed. What if I’m not sick?I’m just an awful person. What if it wasn’t South America?I’m actually that obscene. What if I’m not being lied to?I’m just too seduced

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