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England Challenge | Visiting London with Your Sibling

This week’s news about the passing of the Queen is not something I will address in the England challenge story. I have mixed feelings about it and I will leave it at that. Instead, let’s talk about learning how to adjust your travelling plans on the spot. Especially when travelling with family.

It’s wild to me how much I didn’t enjoy my short trip to the British capital, considering how much I loved NYC. Back to the trip in May 2015 was my first and only time travelling abroad with my brother. It was a birthday present for him from the entire family and we managed to go there for a week.

The whole month of September, I will share 30 stories with you. One story each day. You will find out how I travelled, what countries I called home and how many times I repeated a travel in the same place. But most importantly, you will get to know my comfort zone stories. Would you share yours?

During this trip, I understood how different it is to travel with someone who you don’t quite match in taste. At the end of the first day, we were kinda grumpy. So we decided for the rest of the trip to just do half a day what one wants and the second part what the other one wants. England challenge was on. We did agree on some things, though. Like all the museums we visited. For example, the Museum of London Docklands was his suggestion. It was my first time EVER seeing the issue of racism in a museum. It broke my heart, yet it’s at the top of the museums I recommend. And this is coming from someone who rarely visits any museums in her travels. 

I didn’t like the city because it seemed dirty to me, expensive and overrated. But I did like how the subway was idiot-proof. I haven’t got lost once and believe me when I tell you, I can get lost anywhere, anytime. We passed by Buckingham Palace and the Queen was at home (according to the flag). We went there around May 9th, known as Europe Day. And back then that was celebrated. So the boulevard was car free. I didn’t know then how important that moment was. Now it’s never going to happen again.

Anyway, I was happy to go and see Sherlock Holmes Museum on the famous 221B Baker Street, I went on the crossover of Abbey Road and I found Platform 9 3/4 in the King’s Cross Station. To be fair, I have no idea why I even looked for the last one, since I’ve never read the books and I wasn’t that interested in the movies. But for those curious, I am a Ravenclaw according to the official sorting. I still am not sure what that means.

I know I am in minority, so let me know if you visited London what were your favourite landmarks?

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