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Bulgaria Day Trip: Is Ruse A Good Spot?

The first five trips I did outside of Romania were rather intense. Especially when you think I actually lived in three of those five countries. But now it’s time to simply share the Bulgaria day trip.

The whole month of September, I will share 30 stories with you. One story each day. You will find out how I travelled, what countries I called home and how many times I repeated a travel in the same place. But most importantly, you will get to know my comfort zone stories. Would you share yours?

It’s now May 2014. At the time I was living in Bucharest sharing an apartment with three other guys. Turkish vibes anyone? And so one afternoon we decided to go to Ruse, a city on the border. Basically just across the Danube river.

It’s ironic that this was actually my first real road trip outside of the country. The trip was rather uneventful. We went to do some shopping at Metro, but if you know me, I am always on a budget. So I think I bought like 3 things or something. Then we went for lunch. If I am not mistaken downtown Ruse might have menus in Romanian. I hope I am not wrong. Then we went for a walk on the side of the river and then back to Bucharest.

Even though it was short afternoon, I always promised I will return to Bulgaria to explore more. Which, of course, I haven’t done because such is life. But I want to dedicate some proper time to it because my grandfather was born in Bulgaria. So for me, it’s not only the curiosity of exploring a neighbour country. It’s about exploring regions that might have more history about my heritage than I know. Especially since I have no clue if I even have relatives living there or not.

The next time I travelled abroad was for a getaway weekend, the first time travelling solo. Can you guess where? But until then, what is your favourite day trip you ever took? Would you travel outside of your country for only one afternoon? Let me know in the comment section below.

Landscape of Danube river, a street and a blue car in Bulgaria.

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