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In fiction or non-fiction work, Alina has to talk about heartbreak. She had her good share of it. Read here her stories.


I’m just hating but I’m not bleeding, it’s just me… alone trying to escape from myself, but you are hunting my soul. My future is your past so why should I live? My tears are your blood so why should I cry? My sunset is your sunshine so why should I? You’re just a stupid […]

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The Journey Of 35

Tomorrow I’ll be 36, but before the hello to the new number, I have to say goodbye to a highly challenging 35. I used to travel or do something special for my birthday for years. But then 2020 came, and being alive seemed like enough celebration. On top of that, I spent my last year’s

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The World Right Now

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, I hear someone saying around me. There’s a lot going on inside me too, someone else replies. Historically speaking there has always been a lot going on. We just didn’t care enough or we got distracted with things that in the end don’t matter. Things

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I Was Lucky

It´s September 2014. I woke up hangover and saw myself in the mirror a flashback hits me harder than a punch in the face. The biting marks on my neck remind me of the night before. It all started with a party. I was in a bar with colleagues from work. One of them was

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Perfect Communication

– I just felt like saying something.– OK, what is it?– I don’t know how to say it.– Then how about not saying it at all?– I can’t do that, either.– Then just say it!– Stop pushing me… it’s not helping.– I can not wait forever for some words to come out of your mouth.–

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What If?

What if it wasn’t NYC?I’m simply incapable of love. What if I’m not hurt?I’m just too broken to fix. What if it wasn’t Iceland?I’m really that depressed. What if I’m not sick?I’m just an awful person. What if it wasn’t South America?I’m actually that obscene. What if I’m not being lied to?I’m just too seduced

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Your Five-Minute Girl

All words, all scars I’m just a few clicks away. Your sober mind doesn’t know me but I am the first one you think of whenever you are drunk, bored, or hurt. I am your forever available fixer. I have delicious boobs and a hot ass. I’m witty and smart, beautiful and silly. I am

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